Spring is in the air – rename your house

Spring is in the air

So why not give your home a little bit of a helping hand with a new identity? That’s it, rename your home.

We all like to be a bit individual and what better way than to call your house something special to you.

Renaming your house

It’s a very simple process and you can read more about renaming your house here

It only costs about £40 so it’s not a big investment.

Then you need a new slate sign

When you have given your house it’s own unique name, why not have a totally unique sign made for it. We can help you there. Give us your own ideas and let us create a sign just for you!

Mix your new name with a number and maybe a design that’s relevant to you. Football club, bird, animal, butterfly – we’ll try and recreate just for you any idea that you have.

Numbers for houses uses reclaimed slate to make your sign. We engrave the sign, paint it and then finish it before posting to you.