Cornish Slate name plaques

What are slate name plaques?

Our slate name plaques are made from locally sourced reclaimed slate and they are made to enhance the appearance of your home and maybe to reflect on the personality of the house or house owner.

The slate name plaque may have a theme or feature that has a particular attachment to you family or home, animal, country, team. Anything in fact.

Because we do not make standard plaques, all slate name plaques are unique and we can cater for just about any request you may have.

Generally we do not use ‘standard cut-to-size’ pieces of slate, we are can use features on pieces of slate to enhance the names and designs used. Slate is a natural product and we try to make the most of it.

All our sizes are approximate and we will always provide you with images to make sure our work is what you are looking for.

Our slate name plaques will make ideal gifts and souvenirs and evoke memories of holidays and time spent in Cornwall.

Contact us for more details to order a slate

large oblong slate with boat