Purple Butterfly on reclaimed slate sign

Butterfly sign created on reclaimed delabole slatePurple Butterfly on reclaimed slate sign

Spring is in the air and at this time of year, why not add that bit extra to your home? Let us create a new slate sign for your home, individually created on a piece of slate that will add a lovely feature to your house.

We have recently delivered two more signs to some very happy customers. Thanks to them for this business.

This is a purple butterfly hand painted on to reclaimed Delabole slate

Different types of slate.

Slate is a product that is quarried in many different countries. The geographical locations, the soils, rocks, clay, water and other geological elements affect the finished product.

One only has to look at the differences between Delabole Cornish slate and say, Brazillian slate.

Delabole slate is a dark grey colour with lots of subtle orangey pyrites throughout it. It is sting and durable and not particularly ‘flaky’ or ‘brittle’

Brazillian slate is a much lighter grey with a more obvious layer structure and when cut it is extremely brittle and prone to cracking and breaking.

Therefore it is not suitable for any of the work that we do.

The locally sourced reclaimed slate we use for our signs may not always be Cornish, but it is still of very good quality.

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