Decorative Spoons

Decorative wooden spoon with St Ives signpost

This wooden spoon features an old Cornish distance marker stone with the distance to St Ives on it.

Decorative wooden spoons from Cornwall

Our decorative wooden spoons offer a really unique take on Cornish themed art. The spoons are all painstakingly painted by hand with various patterns that run down the handle and then into the dish of the spoon where the main design features.

They start life as a common spoon but once they have received the ‘Roundy Stevens’ treatment, you wouldn’t think that’s what they were. Each spoon takes at least 2-3 hours work to complete.

We are producing spoons with a range of designs but in keeping with our ‘individually made to order’ theme, we will make a spoon with a design of your choosing.

Design your own spoon

Yes that’s right. You can send us a design or idea and we’ll transform it into a work of art, made just for you. Because our decorative wooden spoons are all made to order we are able to provide this service. CONTACT US

Prices from only £12 +£5.00 postage. Each spoon has a ‘Made in Cornwall’ sticker for authenticity.

All of our Cornish Decorative Wooden Spoons are Hand Made in Cornwall

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