House Names

Slate House signs in Cornwall

Individual signs made from reclaimed slate in Cornwall

Add some individuality to your home with a lovely HAND CRAFTED slate house sign. We use reclaimed slate and engrave your house number and name by hand.

Unlike the vast majority of… Continue reading

Cornish Slate Gifts

Cornish Slate Gifts

Many people make signs. Many people make very nice signs for houses. But only WE make Cornish Slate Gifts and signs from reclaimed slate in Redruth.

All of our pieces are from locally sourced pieces of slate,… Continue reading

Purple Butterfly on reclaimed slate sign

Butterfly sign created on reclaimed delabole slatePurple Butterfly on reclaimed slate sign

Spring is in the air and at this time of year, why not add that bit extra to your home? Let us create a new slate sign for your home, individually created on a… Continue reading

Spring is in the air – rename your house

Spring is in the air

So why not give your home a little bit of a helping hand with a new identity? That’s it, rename your home.

We all like to be a bit individual and what better way… Continue reading

Hand Made in Cornwall

Hand made in Cornwall

On view all weekend from 9am to 5pm at Pool Market in Redruth, we will be displaying our range of

House signs – give us your own unique ideas and let us create a sign just… Continue reading

Signs delivered

slate house name plaque with boats

this was one of 2 slates ordered by a client wh loves boats. Each sign had a different boat scene engraved and painted on.

Signs delivered to clients.

We have just delivered a few new signs to clients and thought… Continue reading

Pet memorials in Cornwall

Pet Memorials in Cornwall

Pets are a part of our family circle and why not remember them in stone?

We can create a Pet Memorial so that you can remember your pet always.

From a goldfish to a horse, why… Continue reading

Changing your house name

Changing your house name. You may have lived in the same house for many years and want to give your house a name, an identity which sets it apart Continue reading

Made in Cornwall

Made in Cornwall

We completed our application to the Made in Cornwall scheme today and are looking forward to being able to display the iconic logo provided by Cornwall council that distinguishes products Made in Cornwall.

We’ll know for sure… Continue reading

Large slate house name plaque

Large slate house name plaque

We have been commissioned to make a large slate name plate for a client who wants to display the name of his house at the end of his driveway and the plaque will be floor… Continue reading