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Stevens Cornish Slate

Dleabol slate plate from Bens Cornish Kitchen Range

Dealbole slate plate from Bens cornish Kitchen Signature Range

Stevens Cornish Slate

Press release

We are pleased to announce our new website dedicated to our slate tableware.

The new website has lots of information about us and all of the… Continue reading

Fishermans Friends

Fishermans Friends,

It is with sadness that we offer our sympathies and condolences to the Fishermans Friends, their families and friends.

The events that happened the other day have struck a sad note with all or knew or have listened… Continue reading

New slate tableware website coming soon

New slate tableware website coming soon

We are in the process of putting together a new website just for the slate tableware. We will then really just be aiming to feature our sign work on this website.

We will make… Continue reading

Cornish slate tableware and Cornish Food

Bens Cornish Kitchen MarazionBen’s Cornish Kitchen, Portreath Bakery and our Cornish Slate

We have had a very busy week this week. We at last managed to tie things up and arrived at Bens Cornish Kitchen in Marazion for a photoshoot depicting our Cornish slate… Continue reading

Roundy Stevens on You Tube

Roundy Stevens on YouTube

Today we opened our new YouTube page and posted our first video.

It’s a short piece about the made in Cornwall scheme and how it works.

That’s enough words from us.

Watch now.

Slate tableware gallery

slate tableware products made from delabole slate hand made in cornwall that are all hand cut and then finished and treated with a food safe treatment Continue reading

Delabole slate tableware

Hand crafted delabole slate coasters
Delabole slate tableware

Along with our black slate, we have now introduced the same products made with the famed Delabole Cornish slate.

Slate has been mined in Delabole for 1000 years and there is about another 1000 years supply at… Continue reading

Roundy’s 2012 review

source fm falmouth radio

Source FM dj Tedster

Roundy’s 2012 review.

2012 dawned with us living abroad in sunny climes and ends with us living in West Cornwall, in the cold and wet of an English winter. But know what? We are loving it… Continue reading

Christmas at Truro

Christmas at Truro

Today we are doing our last market of the year. We are at Boscawen Street Market in Truro from 5pm-9pm tonight.

This very popular street market has many stalls offering a whole range of goodies.

We’ll have… Continue reading

The Cornish Slate Company

The Cornish Slate Company

We have had to make some quick decisions because the focus of our business is changing almost daily. To that end we’re creating the new part of the business called ‘The Cornish Slate Company’. This will… Continue reading