Changing your house name

Changing your house name.

Did you know that changing your house name  or giving your house its very own name is a very simple process. It’s quite painless apart from the fee and takes 2-3 weeks to complete.

All you have to do is contact your local Council  and tell them you wish to rename or give your house an official name.

They will send you the necessary forms to fill in. It costs around £40 to do this officially. This will ensure that all records will now reflect the new name for your house.

Your title deeds at the Land Registry should also update at the same time. It’s very special when you receive the first bundle of post with the name of you have chosen at the top of the envelope. Complete the whole process and hang a hand engraved Cornish slate name plaque on your wall by the gate or beside the front door.

If you do not want to be official, do not worry, you can still call your house just about any name you wish. The Post Office and other official departments will not recognise the name or accept it as part of your address.