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an engraved slate name plaque with boat. add your own numbersNumbers for Houses.

At Numbers for Houses, Roundy Stevens Crafts create individual pieces of slate art for your house. These slate plaques are great for giving your property its own unique identity. A Numbers for Houses slate plaque is something you know for sure is one of a kind. They make ideal gifts for friends and family too.


Your slate name plaque says something about you and your house. By not restricting our designs to preformed templates, it means we can be as creative as you would like us to be.

Our slate name plaques are not mass produced or cut using a computerised machine. Letters are not cut using stencils but are all drawn freehand. This we feel adds to the uniqueness of the piece of slate. No two pieces of slate are ever going to be identical.

Want to order your own personalised slate name plaque or have any questions? Contact us for help and advice!

A piece of slate is constructed of thin layers of mud laid down over many millions of years and compressed together. Layers are of different consistency. When you are engraving you will often find that a hard layer wants to change your chosen engraving direction. It is part of what makes slate such an attractive medium to work with.

slate name plaque with boatCaring for the environment

Another feature of slate is the many different colours that that can be found, often within a single piece. We love it as a working material and all of our slate is locally sourced in Cornwall and much of it will be from reclaimed or recycled resources. This means less waste and making better use of our available natural resources.

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Read about Roundy Stevens and see where we got the inspiration for our name.

We support Cornish Mining Heritage. Why not visit some of the mining areas in Cornwall.

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